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Healthcare Programs

Ujjivan runs Health Camps and Medical Intervention programs for its Customers and their families in collaboration with Parinaam Foundation to help them have access to quality healthcare facilities at affordable rates.

At the Multi-Specialty health camps, patients are screened for different ailments and those with minor problems would be treated or prescribed medicines at the camp site, whereas patients requiring further treatments and surgeries would be referred to the network hospitals where the patient would get the treatment at discounted rates. Till date, we have conducted around 167 health camps in which 54,620 beneficiaries were screened for Eye, Dental, ENT, Orthopedic and Gynec problems.

The highlight being the Eye camps wherein almost 6241 beneficiaries got the spectacles at discounted rates; 659 beneficiaries underwent cataract surgeries either free of cost or at a nominal fee; 1386 beneficiaries got their advance eye treatment at our panel hospitals. Through the dental camps about 2298 beneficiaries received treatment for dental problems; 126 ENT treatments were done and 11 beneficiaries got treated for minor heart problems.

There are scores of patients suffering from various ailments like oral cavity cancer, spinal cord problems, hand dislocation, Angioplasty, the one's requiring artificial hands, the one's with bent legs, hearing loss, breast cancer, cataract, blood cancer, peptic ulcer, kidney failure, vision problems, arthritis, mental retardation, heart diseases, kidney problems, fractures, hernia, ENT amongst many others. Which are being identified by the Ujjivan field staff, and support them in getting access to the various treatments and medical aid. Ujjivan in collaboration with Parinaam's Medical Intervention program finds the best of secondary and tertiary treatment options available and then supports these patients in getting treated for their ailments with constant counseling using various governmental and non-governmental schemes and facilities. Around 215 patients suffering from above medical conditions were referred, out of which Parinaam Team was able to help 22 patients complete their treatment completely using different schemes and also pitched in with some monetary contribution where ever it could. More than 50% of the cases referred to us required only monetary support which we could not cater to effectively. The medical intervention is not only provided to customers of Ujjivan, but it is also provided for Ujjivan and Parinaam employees who are in need of medical aid.

Case Study

Chinnaponnu, the 45 year old Diksha beneficiary of Lingarajpuram branch, lost her hand in a tragic work accident. Her right hand below the elbow was severed in the cane juice machine she was operating. Chinnaponnu is a widow staying with younger son and is mostly reliant on her earnings from the Sugarcane juice business and the accident impacted her life drastically. Her daughter and elder son got married and live separately. They do not contribute towards family expenses. CRS Bhuvaneshwari identified this Customer and brought the customer to undergo Diksha Training. She also informed Bhanupriya, the Diksha FLP trainer, about the distress of this widow. On learning of the incident, Bhanupriya approached Mr. Vasanth Kumar of Equipment and Spares Pvt Ltd at Shivajinagar, Bangalore with Chinnaponnu. She followed –up meticulously at both the beneficiary and the service provider's end and ensured that the customer received the artificially hand. As Mrs. Chinnaponnu got the benefit of artificial limb, she is now confident of getting back to her routine and felt grateful to both Parinaam& Ujjivan.