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Chote Kadam Project

Parinaam has always believed in serving the poor and giving them access to their basic rights and necessities, whether by way of providing access to financial services, access to quality education and healthcare or access to quality public infrastructure.

In line with our belief and work, Parinaam is working with Ujjivan as its CSR partner for the benefit of the community at large so as to build a better life for the unserved and the underserved section of the society through its community developments programs. The strategic focus of the project is to address critical community needs in the areas of healthcare, sanitation, public infrastructure & general community welfare activities across India.

The project seeks to align with the organization’s mission to serve the unserved and underserved by:

  • Serving needs of unserved and underserved beyond financial services.
  • Creating a connect & deeper understanding between Ujjivan & the community.
  • Addressing critical community needs in the areas of education, healthcare, sanitation, public infrastructure across India.