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Training And Development Programs

Developing people is an essential part of life at Ujjivan. With each step towards further growth, it becomes increasingly important to have a team that works towards acquiring higher levels of knowledge and finely-honed abilities, with multiple skills at different levels. Our training Department ensures that learning is a part of our culture and that our environment is conducive to learning. Training and development initiatives are broad in nature, from task oriented training to career development programs. In this way, we not only expand our employees' horizons, but also improve the capabilities of our teams and the organisation as a whole.

Ujjivan is currently witnessing a multitude of changes in its transitional path to becoming a SFB. In its evolving phase, Ujjivan realizes the importance of training and capacity building for meeting the emerging business challenges and attaining competitive advantage. As such in this FY, on one hand, Ujjivan has continued with the regular conventional trainings which is required to cover essential work, related skills, techniques and knowledge; while on the other hand, employees are being developed with knowledge that is relevant to the upcoming SFB.

Onboarding Programs To ensure consistency and base lining of abilities across job roles we provide new recruits with detailed orientation programs to first understand the values and culture of Ujjivan followed by trainings tailored for the roles into which they are being on boarded. Our onboarding programs include:

  • Basic Level Training (BLT): An induction program of 8 + 5 days (separated by 3 months), aimed at employees in the field and support departments.
  • CRM Training: For supervisor, whose responsibilities include managing branches, generating revenue and connecting with customers.
  • IL Training: Vertical-specific orientation, focused on our Individual Lending business and Housing Loan. This program is targeted at employees who have sales responsibilities or who support the sales function.
  • Management Development Program (MDP): A rigorous month-long orientation program followed by a month of field exposure, specifically designed for recruits from campus hiring programs.

Productivity Training: These programs are designed to help candidate enhance existing skills, primarily in the areas of sales, management and effective customer communication.

  • Sales Training: An extensive sales training program for all field Officers
  • Sales Supervisory Program or Managerial and Sales Capability Development: Develops sales managers in all aspects in order to build strong sales leadership
  • Program Manager's Training: A two-phased training program for our mid-level field supervisors
  • Customer Care Representative (CCR) Training: A12-day program for CCRs, in which they learn the nuances of one of our values – the customer comes first
  • Collections Training – primarily for Loan Officers and Collection Officers.

Need-based Skill Development: These trainings not only develop our employees for our organisation, but also provides a tremendous amount of personal growth as well.

  • First Time Supervisors Training
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Communications Training
  • People Management
  • Change Management
  • Advanced Presentation Skills:
  • Excel Training
  • Business Communication

Leadership Development Programs: Special focus is given to developing our Regional and National Leadership Teams. Selected leaders from either the regional level or national level were sent to the following training programs and exposures.

  • Harvard Business School -'Strategic Leadership in Inclusive Finance'
  • Interviewing Skills Training
  • Advanced Power Presentation
  • Book readings: Books were gifted and reading them was encouraged by our MD. Some of these books were The Elephant Catchers, Conscious Capitalism, How Google works and Dream with your eyes open.

Functional/Process Trainings: We also have technical trainings that are specific to each department. Refreshers for these technical trainings are also a standard practice in Ujjivan. Also during FY 2015-16 some training interventions were conducted based on business indicators/requirements, and are worth special mention:

  • Cashier Certification (e - learning):
  • Financial Analysis Training
  • GRT Certification
  • FCU (Fraud Control Unit)Training
  • Collections Training
  • Credit Policy Refreshers/ New Policy trainings
  • Refresher Basic Level Training
  • SHL (Secured Home Loan) training:
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