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Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going.

Hard work & Perseverance are the two words which define - Mr. Suresh Ghule. Suresh is spouse of Sangita, one of Ujjivan's oldest customers in Katraj. He is very famous in Dhankawadi area of Pune for his skills in watch repairing where he has recently inaugurated his own shop. He has got wide variety of customers. Suresh says, timely service and quality of work are two major factors that attract his customers.

Suresh & Sangita, belong to Panara village in a Parbhani district, scarcity zone of Maharashtra. He moved to Pune with his wife & 3 daughters around 20years back in search of employment. In the initial days, he worked in watch shops & showrooms. Suresh did not pursue any degree/diploma/certificate in watch repairing, but he has inherited these skills from his father who was also in the similar profession earlier. Suresh still uses the repairing tools received from his father & is skilled in repairing all kinds of watches.

The income from it wasn't sufficient to meet all the family expenses. At that point of time his wife came to know about Ujjivan & it was like a blessing in disguise as the support received from Ujjivan helped them to let her daughters continue their education without any disruption. Meanwhile Suresh joined as watchman at one of the restaurant, where he worked during night hours. This extra income source helped him to settle down in the city.

As the young family was just getting settled Suresh heard about openings at the local titan showroom. After discussing with Sangita he decided to apply for it. He was denied job at Titan showroom, given the fact that he doesn't hold ITE certificate. Suresh requested officials to check his skills. Looking at his confidence and great will, Titan showroom owner gave him a few watches to repair and Suresh surprised them by repairing all the watches. He got an offer to join the Titan Company outlet at Kothrud, Pune and he never thought twice.

Four years later in 2013, he decided to set up his own shop. With the help of his friends and relatives, he put together required capital and started his own small shop in Dhankawadi. It was situated near bus stop. In the initial days, he struggled a lot to attract customers. Initially he started gathering repairing jobs from other watch shops, as there wasn't sufficient work at his own shop. And slowly he started building a strong customer base. Word of mouth publicity helped to increase his customer base. He knows success demands three things: Hard Work, Sacrifice & Struggle.

Recently he has set up a bigger shop at Dhanakawadi Bazaar. He thanks Ujjivan, as loan amount from Ujjivan helped him to accumulate funds for capital investment. Even though he has set up shop, he continues to do repairing jobs. The margin in repairing work is more than in selling. Average income from watch repairing ranges from Rs. 250 to Rs. 300/- per piece.

Mr. Suresh tells about how the market has become completely corrupt now days where most of the shopkeepers charge excessively from consumer. Many times they do a simple replacement of a cheap part but charge as per their wish because a common man does not understand the technicality involved. Sometimes during repairing these people take out a costly part of watch and replace it with cheaper one, which affects working of watch. He said, "the only thing where I never compromise is the trust of my customer trust. Not only because it is good for my business in long run but also because my conscience does not allow me to do this."

Mr. Ramdas, one of his oldest customers, said that Mr. Suresh is one solution for all types of watch repairing. For last 10 years I get my watches repaired from him only. He charges decently. Another customer said, we are happy with his quality work and also he never disappoints us with the time he commits.

Mr. Suresh is a believer of "Sampradayik Varakari Panth", followers of saint Sant Ramdas & Dnyaneshwar. Till the age of 16, he was in Alandi to learn Bhajan & Kirtan. Suresh says, singing of Bhajan & Kirtan purifies mind and he believes that 'our life is our thoughts'. Whatever we think, will happen to us. We think positive, it will happen to us and vice versa.

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