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Fun @ Work

The first step to make work life interesting is believing that the words" fun" and "work" sync with each other well. We at Ujjivan blend work and fun together and make it unique experience for all our employees.

The fun quotient at Ujjivan is an aspect worth mentioning. No occasion passes by without getting the employees celebrating it together. Be it a Diwali, Dussehara, Independence Day, Organization achievements the employees seep themselves in the fervor and spirit of the occasion.

A few of our key initiatives are:-

Life @ Ujjivan
Organizational Milestone celebration: Organizational Milestones is celebrated across Ujjivan. We believe that each and every employee contributes to the Organizational Achievements.

Departmental retreats: All departments go on an off-site retreat once a year with their team members and unwind themselves from the hectic schedules.


The guiding philosophy of Ujjivan since its inception has been to serve the unserved and underserved sections of the society. To achieve the same it always had the purposeful involvement of a workforce who strongly believed in making an extraordinary difference. The employee friendly practices at Ujjivan include the recognition of extraordinary efforts of the employees, in the annual award event and this year it was more special because it marked the completion of a decade and the celebration associated.

The event nursed the need to facilitate the recognition of merit and good work by designing unique categories of awards in socio developmental context, transition of mindset, spirit and orientation of employees towards the new small finance bank structure. It also befriended the desideratum to engage the employees for the exciting time and associated challenges to come ahead. It also offered the employees freedom to plan and execute the celebration in a manner that suites the cultural heritage of the city where the event is taking place along with an equal opportunity provided to all employees to showcase their talent.

Life @ Ujjivan

Fun activities: Festivals are celebrated with the fun activities across all regions and branches. Rangoli making, Sangeet mela, Cricket matches are some of the few activities that we organize at our Work place.

Life @ Ujjivan Life @ Ujjivan
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