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Financial Literacy Program

Financial Literacy of the economically underprivileged is the first step towards ensuring financial inclusion within India. Ujjivan Financial Services along with Parinaam Foundation is working towards financial inclusion of its customers across India with a variety of programs like screening of Sankalp a short documentary film created by Ujjivan to educate the customers of Microfinance companies on the consequences of over borrowing, ghost lending and on the importance of Credit bureau) and Diksha Financial Literacy Program created by Parinaam Foundation. Diksha Financial Literacy Program ("Diksha"): Diksha is a five week, five module, in depth classroom training program to educate low-income families across India on reduction of financial risk and making informed and 113 intelligent financial decisions. The program is run across 18 states in 13 languages, and teaches its participants on cash flow, income and expenditure budgeting, savings and savings options and debt management. The target segment for Diksha is urban and semi-urban customers between the ages of 18 and 55 years, who are either illiterate or have minimal education. We have an inbuilt impact evaluation mechanism to assess the performance of the program on an ongoing basis, and also get the program assessed externally.

Diksha Diksha

Diksha Customer Testimony
My Name is Sufiyaben and I live in Bharuch. It's been 3years now that I have been associated with Ujjivan; it was in my first year that the trainer introduced me to Parinaam's financial literacy program
– Diksha.


We used to attend the program with a lot of enthusiasm, it used be fun and at the same time the takeaways were informative and I started saving too. I understood the importance of saving and saving in a Bank. I wish the program had come 5 years before, would have been more beneficial. Today I have fish business and a Tempo and I manage to save about 2000 rupees at the end of the month. I keep a track of my income and expenses properly. If I had not attended the training, I would have still stuck to only the fish business in a small scale. Had I received this kind of training earlier in life, the situation would have been different. Thank you Ujjivan and Parinaam for the opportunity.

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