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Enablers(Tech Innovation and Operations)

Operating Methodology

Ujjivan has hub and spoke model, by which each city of operations is supported by regional office for processing, technology and administration. There are branch offices set up primarily responsible for Customer Contact and servicing. We have developed factory concept for the centralized processing of all data , Quality Controls ,Branch Support and document storage.

Operation's Vision

Work in partnership with business to enable them to achieve their business Objectives efficiently and meeting all service standards.
Harness Technology and Customer Connect to deliver valuable and timely services to our customer to make Ujjivan the best choice

Information Technology

Our investment into, and focus on, integrating advanced, cost-effective and innovative technology into our operations has been one of the key drivers of our growth. We utilize IBM's private cloud resilience services to ensure smooth and secure functioning of our business operations. IBM's private cloud offers dedicated infrastructure with a high speed SAN data storage, IBM blade center servers, IBM P6 and P7 servers with AIS OS and databases including DB2, Oracle and SQL server. The Virtualized Server Recovery ("VSR") services offered through the IBM cloud provide round-the-clock solutions designed to support application continuity and reduce business expenses and data loss. In the event of a downtime, the VSR, which can replicate entire systems in real-time including system files, databases, applications and user data, enables us to restore 100% functionality within a few minutes.

We have introduced tablets and mobiles both in offices and the field, and these handheld devices, coupled with the 'Artoo'system, enable real time customer acquisition, loan underwriting and loan processing. The Truecell system, using which field transaction data is captured, supports transactions related to repayment collection, field collection, attendance and loan utilization checks in both offline and online modes. Our usage of the IBM Filenet database management system has eliminated the movement of physical documents for loan processing, and automated credit rule checking and the extraction of credit bureau reports. We use BR.Net as our core banking solution ("CBS"), which is structured and customized around our customers, and integrated with our front-end operations to provide a secure platform. We balance the usage of advanced IT processes and equipment with cost efficiency by utilizing open source software and Linuxoperating system at our branches. Currently, our email solutions, help desk system and complaint management systems are all based on open source software.

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