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Ashwini Rajesh Gangadhar & Dinesh Hembade

Ashwini Rajesh Gangadhar & Dinesh Hembade
Sangita More is a first cycle customer of Ujjivan from Pune South branch. Sangita stays in Taljai area; her house has a common wall with her neighbour. In last rainy season when Sangita was sleeping in her house, suddenly wall fell and she was buried under debris. People took her out from debris only to found her completely unconscious. They rushed to Bharti Hospital and hospital shifted her into ICU. After investigation it was found that Sangita sustained with fracture in her spine and she required immediate surgery else customer can be paralyzed for a lifetime. Cost of surgery was about Rs 2,00,000/-, which was impossible for customers family to bear.

Pune South branch CCR, Ashwini Gangdhar informed about this case to Parinaam and requested their intervention. Diksha Trainer Dinesh Hembade, visited hospital and checked for options by which customer can be benefitted. There he came to know about PMC scheme, with help of Arogya Mitra card medical expenses can be halved. Customer's family members were not in situation to go to Corporation office for completion of formalities for Arogya Mitra card. Dinesh & Ashwini took initiative and completed all formalities required for card on urgent basis.

Due to Arogya Mitra card, hospital deducted Rs.1,00,000/- from medical expenses and rest of the amount is adjusted by Sangita's relatives. Operation was successful and customer was discharged from hospital after one month. Now she is pursuing her normal life and thanked a lot to Ujjivan and Parinaam for timely help which put her life back on track.

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