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Vibhas Chandra

Vibhas Chandra
(8th December, 1981) Life@Ujjivan has been truly exciting - It is full of challenges and opportunities but the best part is the people working around you who make this journey enjoyable and beautiful. Ujjivan is truly a great place to work!

I joined Ujjivan as a Management Trainee in the year 2008. Although it was a less known organization then, but I was amazed to see kind of freedom, belief and trust Ujiivan offers to a fresher. I have had the good luck of being involved in launching Ujjivan's operations in Bihar. This provided me with an opportunity to learn from ground up, followed by different business roles. Currently, I am heading Individual business vertical – East region.

What fascinated me at Ujjivan is the chance to take part and help shape a growth story. As an organization, we take great pride in our uniqueness and client service. At the same time, with our passion and commitment, we can only Dream Big for our business!

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