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There is no end to possibilities if your will-power is strong enough to take you forward and opportunities are just a handful of candies when you want to cross the walls of success. Ujjivan is constantly working for the empowerment of mankind. We serve a social cause to enhance the lives of those who are ready to fight; but lack the arms and ammunitions.

The story narrated here is of Reeta Devi (Hastal Branch , Customer), who was born in Nalanda, Bihar. She pursued her education till 10th standard and lived in a joint family. Her father was a farmer but later moved to Gujarat under construction work. Reeta's current age is 41years, she was married at an age of 15years to Awadhesh Kumar, who was a factory worker in Pannel Board, New Delhi . Reeta has three children who are currently persuing their education. Her small family comprises of Rinki, age 20 years currently doing Graduation in Polytechnic. Rinki is able to pursue her higher studied with Ujjivan's Higher Education scholarship only. Reeta's son aged 19 years is studying in B.com 1st yr, and her younger daughter Chanchal aged 15years studies in 11th standard.

"The road to success is not easy but with hard work drive and passion it's possible to achieve the dream"

This statement defines Reeta's passion to learn. Earlier she used to work from home and carried out the business related to embroidery. She was facing difficulties in managing her living. Then she heard of the Knitting machine to make sweaters. But she lacked the skill to initiate this new business. To bridge this gap she went for a vocational training with one of her friends and paid Rs 1000 as fees for the same. Unfortunately, she had to leave the course in between due her health issues.

But as the saying goes "where there is a will there is a way" so was the same with her. She joined the course back by paying the fees again. She used to take her 2 years old daughter with her for the classes. But her teachers were objecting this because of her distraction. Hence she decided that she will leave the younger one at home. Things were not going easy for her but she knew how to fight the challenges. She knew that Failure is better than Giving up, and finally she completed her course.

Now it was the time for some investment, as the knowledge and skills had been obtained. So, from her savings she bought a machine worth Rs 2200. This machine was small in size and did not serve much. The income generated was very low. Things Don't end for those who keep on trying. After some more compromises and savings she was able to manage a machine worth Rs 22000. Her dreams were high and her positivity led her to fight against all odds. During this phase of her struggle, one of her friend told her about UJJIVAN, this was like a door of success, and it was from here that she never looked back again. Ujjivan not only helped her in monetary terms but also boosted up her morale.

At first she took a loan of Rs 10,000 in group followed by Rs 20,000 to invest in her on growing business. The input in business provided a big leap to her and her earnings started increasing. Later she applied for an individual business loan of Rs 80000. This was like a shining sun to all the dark times she had faced. She used this amount to buy two new machines and raw materials. The success she had not even thought of started following her like a shadow.

Now she has 15 machines and 15 people working for her. Behind all her success it was Ujjivan and her hard work. After joining hands with Ujjivan her financial problem was sorted out. Ujjivan played the role of a CATALYST between her and her dreams. It changed her life completely.

Reeta says "Ujjivan bought a whole lot of change in my life. It not only focuses on the borrower but also works for the welfare of family members. Ujjivan gave scholarship to my elder daughter who motivated me to allow her to go for higher studies and my daughter now so much motivated that she is working so hard to get another scholarship and follow her dreams"

Ujjivan's lower interest rate, easy repayment, door step services and friendly staff members makes it different and unique from others.

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