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Dreams can shape your life

"Start by doing what's necessary, then what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible."

Dali didn't plan for a big business initially. She started what was necessary for her livings and now she has a venture of her own. Her hard work, dedication and support from her family had helped her to taste the fruit of success and joy. She is in Saree fall business from last 10 years in a small city of Rajasthan -Pali near Jodhpur , she never dreamed that one day she will have her own unit, but today she is a proud owner of her Saree fall making unit

Relation with Ujjivan : Dali Devi (36) joined Ujjivan 6 years back in year 2009 in Group Loans. She availed a loan of Rs 10,000 for the first time for the purchase of Saree fall Sewing machine. Her second loan of Rs. 12,000 was used for Machine parts and Overhauling of machine.

"After getting cash in my hands first thing I did was to utilize it for the purpose it is meant for. I never use my loan for anything else than the purpose I took it for. This not only increases your credibility with the company but also help us to utilize loan properly."

Earlier she was working on her machine but on piece basis for other units. Now with the help of Ujjivan IL of Rs. 60,000, she has established her own unit at her house only. Her husband is very helping and helps her in sewing Saree Fall at least 5-6 hrs daily. . She works almost 8-9 hrs daily to get 250-300 dozen of falls done. Together they earn around Rs. 16,000- Rs. 17,000 per month.

Group members:  5 women joined as a group out of which 2 were involved in Dupatta making, 2 in Saree fall making and 1 was housewife. Dali needed bigger loan to scale up the business , hence she moved to IL but she always thanks to group member who have helped her in repayments , when her business was small.

 Family : Her family consists of her mother-in-law who is too old to help her either in business or in her household chores, her husband who not only help her in business but also have a machine repairing shop, her 13 yrs old daughter studying in class 6th, 11 yrs old son studying in class 5th and 6 yrs old son studying in class 1st. Her family has helped her in every odd. Her 3rd cycle GL of Rs. 15,000 was for repairing of her home. She took Rs. 30,000 loan in 4th cycle and purchased 2nd machine as well as some raw material for her business.

Undying aspirations: Dali wants to own a big workshop and a Godown of her own, where she can hire labours to work for her. Later she wants to give name to her workshop and supply out of Pali also.

In the words of Dali "Our hard work and determination would have been useless without money, but Ujjivan took care of all the financial needs. It provided us with the confidence that we can start our own unit. Ujjivan staff is now like a family for us. Thanks for being there at the time of need and helping us live our dream."

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