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Prosperity through Microfinance - Story of Sarika

Sarika Salve, with perseverance, an entrepreneurial spirit and a few loans from Ujjivan, has overcome more obstacles than many of us can imagine. The oldest of four girls in her family, she was married at the very young age of 15 years to an abusive, drug-addicted husband. She therefore had to take up the responsibility to feed her family, although she was young and lacked the education she needed to perform any skilled work. She took up a job as a tailor, but she made only meager earnings.

One day, one of Sarika's friends told her about Ujjivan, and soon thereafter she applied for a loan to purchase a sewing machine. With the machine, she was able to work at home on her own time, and she gradually built up her income. Over the next few years, she was able to buy two more sewing machines and start teaching tailoring classes from her home. As she gained more control over her work, not only was she able to better support her family, but she gained independence and confidence, as well.

This confidence inspired Sarika, and eventually she decided to expand her business once again. She took out an Individual loan from Ujjivan in 2012 and worked hard to set up a kachchi shop. Now she does her tailoring work, teaches classes, and runs an accessories shop. She is proud of her business, and her family is financially stable.

Sarika believes that "if there is no struggle, there is no progress." She has put long hours into raising her family's standing in life, and it has paid off in more ways than one. Her husband has stopped drinking and now works as a plumber; her kids are now able to study in a well-reputed school. She wants to continue to work hard and push her children to succeed in their schooling so that they might have the kind of life Sarika never had. She hopes that her daughter will never have to depend on anyone else. Although she has made great gains in her life, Sarika still has dreams: she hopes to set up a pucci shop for her business so that she can house her husband's plumbing business in addition to her accessories and tailoring.

Sarika thanks Ujjivan for helping her grow her business. Loans from Ujjivan, she says, helped her build the foundation required for a new and better life.

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