"Sometime in life, you will have to face failure; don't give up, and always fight back" - Indu Ramchandraa Waydande Mankhurd West- Mumbai

Indu Ramchandraa Waydande
While walking through the market situated at Mankhurd West, the shop with colorful flower bouquets and garlands catches eyes. Our customers Indu Ramchandraa Waydande runs this shop. She sells artificial flowers, readymade clothes and fruits at her shop. She set the best example of widening product range to cover a risk.

Indu hails from a remote village "Chore" in Satara District. In the year 1974, she got married to Mr. Ramchandra Waydande, a textile mill worker in a Mumbai. She moved to Mumbai with her husband. The initial days were full of joys of springs.

In the year 1982, there was a massive strike of textile mill workers in Great Bombay and it last for a year. The majority of the mills in Mumbai closed during and after the strike, leaving more than 150,000 workers unemployed. Textile industry in Mumbai has largely disappeared, reducing labour migration after the strikes. Indu's husband was one of them, who lost the employment in this strike. Suddenly there was financial stress in the family, as by the time Indu gave birth to four kids. Her husband was completely broken after this. He had the responsibility of extended family. He wasn't earning enough to feed family. They couldn't move back to native place, as the area is water scarce and employment opportunities are very less.

Indu stood with her husband to earn wages to feed the family. Her youngest son was of 6 months old only then. Indu and her husband started selling readymade clothes on street near Mankhurd station. Then Mahkhurd was a small village, and that was the only market in the area. Though the income generated through this was minimal, Indu insisted on continuing this. After few months, they added footwear to their product range. Her husband use to go and purchase material from Kurla market and Indu handled the street shop. It was a tough break in their life, raising four children with such a minimal income was really strenuous.

One day her husband's friend came to visit the family, he was about to close his business of artificial flowers. He asked Indu, whether she is interested in continuing his business. Indu saw another business opportunity in it, but her husband was reluctant. He said his friend might have facing losses in it; hence he might be closing it down. But Indu was firm on her decision to add this stream to her existing business, and she purchased stock from her husband's friend. This business needed more time to invest in, as she has to prepare flowers, bouquets etc. In the initial days she find it really burdensome to give this much time for the business, as her kids were young and she has to look after them as well. But she believed in "Do Not Give Up, The Beginning Is Always The Hardest". She worked really hard to set up business, she use to work in nights to prepare these artificial flowers, kudos to her efforts. Her working hours starts 5am early in the morning and continues till 11pm in the night.

She has expanded this business quiet well. Demand for the flowers floods during festive season, she says she hardly get to sleep during peak season. Timely delivery and better quality are USPs of her business. She says, if customer is satisfied with your service, then only you would be able to run a business successfully. She is also getting order to decorate marriage/party halls. She recently has fetched order to decorate studio set of TV serial "Sapane Suhane Ladakpan Ke" (ZEE TV show).

Now she has settled in her life, she owns house in Bhandarwala Chawl near Mankhurd Station. She has set up her shop near station area, where she sells readymade clothes, fruits and artificial flowers. But nothing came easy to her; she hardly had any breaks from her work in last so many years. She said in business, you cannot keep clients waiting for you; you have to be there throughout the year to serve them. When I ask instead of focusing on single business, why has she extended her business line? She replied, the demand for the products is seasonal, and during the off season of one product I earn through selling of another one. So it secures her regular cash flow.

While talking to her, two pets (cats) were roaming around us. They would simply come and sit on her lap. She loves pets a lot; she has named these pets as 'Changu' and 'July'. She said, these are the real friends of human being. They are such agreeable friends, they ask no questions; they pass no criticism. Since childhood, she always has pets at her home.

Finally she says her business mantra is "Sometime in life, you will have to face failure, don't give up, and always fight back"

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