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Amirun Begam- Dhaniakhali (West Bengal)

Amirun Begam- Dhaniakhali
Amirun Begam, a villager from Konan village, Dhaniakhali, is our customer since more than 3 years. Her husband, Sk Ziaul Haque works in a private company in Kolkata. The couple has some agriculture land and they do farming to support the family which consists of 6 members- parents, the couple and two children. Income from farming was less as they had to sell their produce to the Mahajan(moneylender) from whom they used to take money for carrying out cultivation activity. The agreement with Mahajan was that they would get money provided they sold their produce to him immediately after harvest at the prevailing market price at the harvest time. As at harvest time prices fall down, they could not get good price of their produce. The Mahajan used to store the produce and sell them when the price used to reach the peak. Amirun Begam knew this but was helpless. Even though she wanted to store and then sell the produce, she was bound to sell early. Sk Ziaul Haque, a marginal farmer, could not get loan from banks due to lack of sufficient documents. Amirun Begam used to take loan from us to fulfill their credit requirements. But the loan amount was not sufficient.

This season after knowing that we are providing Individual Loan for Agriculture, she felt blessed by the almighty and thought now she would not need to depend on the Mahajan. She became our 2nd customer to take Individual Agriculture Loan from Dhaniakhali (West Bengal). She took Rs 65,000. This time the yield seems to be good and now she plans to store paddy and sell it later when the market price goes up. Now her dream to earn more and live a better life seems to come true. She thanks Ujjivan for coming up with Individual Agriculture loan and bringing smiles on the poor farmers. Our loan officer and branch staff feel highly satisfied and motivated, being associated with Amirun Begam and her farming!

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