Our Customers

Kewal Gaikwad

Kewal Gaikwad, a resident of Pune, was earning a living by selling brooms from door to door.

Our Employees

Bhagwan Singh

Bhagwan had to discontinue his studies after his Higher Secondary because of his financial responsibility towards his family.

Annual Report

A short biography of Jennifer Riria

Jennifer Riria

Few women in the microfinance world are as recognizable as Jennifer Riria. She is the CEO of Kenya Women Holding, twice-voted Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year (East Africa and Kenya respectively in 2013 and 2014) and a Ford Foundation “Champion of Democracy.” Read More

Business Snapshot (30.11.2014)

  •  1,891,049  customers
  • 24 states; 81 unbanked districts
  • 417 branches
  • Rs. 26,986 million outstanding
  • Rs. 94,356 million disbursed
  • 99.87% + repayment rate

CIN NO: U65999KA2004PTC035329

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